From the Fowlers

Monday, October 15, 2012


I have been trying to think of a good excuse for my absence the past 3 months in the world of blogging.  At first I thought it would be because we moved (true), then because we have been super crazy busy and I haven't had time (kinda true), then I thought because I didn't have anything to talk about (not true).  Then I came across this post by Jen Hatmaker about how to be awesome at blogging and she said " Confuse your readers by posting twice in one week one month then go radio silent for three solid months."  So there is my excuse.  I am awesome and that is why I haven't posted.  

So, we are settling into our new home in Nashville.  It was definitely an adjustment moving but we are finding a rhythm now and things are going much better.  Chris is into full swing into his residency at Brentwood Baptist and is enjoying his training.  We are working alongside two other couples that will be planting around the same time as us.  One couple will be going to Kansas City and the other couple to San Angelo, Tx.  We have been blessed to be placed here with these families during this season of training.  I have been especially thankful to have gotten to know the wives and have been so encouraged by them.  We know that this is where the Lord has called us and are continuing to be in prayer about an exact location to begin ministering.

Ella is going to preschool two days a week and loves it.  She is learning so much and it has been a great chance for her to have some time with kids her age and for me to be able to have time with Ava.  She had pictures taken a few weeks ago and her teachers told us that she wanted her friend Raquel in the picture with her.  

Not a day goes by that Ella doesn't say something quotable.  One night I told her that she should sleep in the next morning and when she came in to our room the next day at her normal time I asked her if she remembered me telling her to sleep late.  She responded with "oops...too late now."  Sometimes I wish I could know what her little mind was thinking.  She is quick on her feet.  She gets that from her daddy, not me! She has adjusted to Nashville so great and even told me that she never wants to leave.  So that is a good thing since we aren't planning on it.  

Sweet Ava is 18 months old and I am not sure how this happened!  When she wears something that was Ella's it seems that it was only yesterday Ella was that old.  She is so different than Ella and I love seeing how her personality is different.  She talks wayyyyy less than Ella at this age.  Probably because she doesn't get the chance.  Because of this every time she talks it is so special because it is rare! My favorite thing that she says right now is "Amen".  She usually says it before us as soon as we say "in Jesus name" she says "amen".  I love that she knows that is what follows.  Lately I have been sitting back marveling at these girls and how precious they are.  I love that they are sisters and have already have a sweet bond.  I wish I could pause time and keep them like this. 

And for baby girl that still has yet to have a name, we are trucking right along.  I have named and unnamed this baby so many times.  I have almost resorted to waiting until I see her to pick her name which is hard for me because by this time with both girls I already had a name picked out!  I think I have it down to 2 but I can't share because I don't need to be influenced by anyone.  But if you have any suggestions, I am open.  Ha.  So hopefully in about 8 weeks we will have it nailed down! 

So, now I feel better that I have caught up!  If you want to sign up for our Monthly newsletter about what is going on with our Church Plant journey click here.  

To end I will leave you with some pictures!

Ava's 18 month appointment....coloring to pass the time.  
 My heart can't take this love.  
Ella when she realized we had taken her to Disney on Ice.  Priceless!

Friday, July 13, 2012

It's a...

My sweet friend made this plate for me before she moved to Texas because she wouldn't be here for the announcement the gender of the baby.  I love this and as much as I wish she would have been here to tell in person, I do love this!  So, our sweet baby is...

THREE GIRLS!  What are we going to do?  I really thought it was going to be a boy this time and I expected to be disappointed but surprisingly I was just as excited!  She looks great and healthy.  They even moved up my due date one week so we are now due December 13!!  Everyone keeps saying get ready for three weddings but I can't stop thinking about three teenagers in the house at once!  Poor Chris!  We are so thankful for God's blessing and that we are expecting another healthy baby girl!

The sonographer even let Ella help her push the buttons and print the pictures.  She was all about that!

"What are little girls made of? Sugar and spice, And everything nice, That's what little girls are made of. "

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Three. Years. Old.

I am a week behind but our big girl turned 3 on Monday!  It is hard to believe that three years ago this week was my first glimpse of motherhood.  I remember how unsure about things I was.  How each little thing made me question if I was a good mommy.  I am so thankful that God has blessed us with three incredible years with Ella.  Although her first week of 3 has proven to be almost a trying as her whole second year.  The Lord is teaching us together.

We celebrated with family a week early with a "Jessie" (from Toy Story 2) Party.  Ella has been asking for a Jessie party for a while.  We didn't do anything big.  We had a small party at Chris' parents subdivision pool and it was a blast.  Ella requested there be Jessie lemonade which was a new one for me but somehow we came up with something suitable.

On her actual birthday we spent the day as a family doing some of her favorite things:  going to PetSmart to see the cats and dogs, going to the Disney store and getting a pretzel at the mall, and her number one thing, Comfy Cow, where she got a sprinkle cone.

Other favorites of Ella's include:  painting, playing in the sprinkles (sprinkler), fruit snacks, My Little Pony, anything that has to do with Jessie or Bullseye, reading, playing hide and seek.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Party of Five


That's right!!  We are expecting Baby #3!  Lord willing this little one will join our family sometime around December 19, just in time for Christmas.  For those who like to keep up with weeks/months that means I am 12 1/2 weeks.  We are beyond thankful that God has blessed us with this priceless gift.
It has been fun being able to tell Ella about it and she tells everyone "theres a baby in mommy's belly".  She also says "there's a princess baby in Mommy's belly", so I guess she thinks its a girl (which she named Abigail).  She said if it is a brother his name is "Woody" (because of her love of Toy Story).

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

lately (in pictures)

We have been one busy family lately!  And, there is no sign to point that things will be slowing down any time soon!   I will post later on all that has been going on with us.  For now pictures will have to be enough!

 When our families came up for Ava's birthday, Chris' dad "Pop", brought a surprise for the girls.  He built this swing for them!  They love it and it sure has blessed our days to be able to enjoy this!

  Spending some sweet time with Jude.  They love each other!
  This is so precious!  We are gonna miss this family.  So much.

   I can hardly take the cuteness in this picture.  I love this little face!

Ella loves to read to her sister.  I love these moments.
The seminary now has icees!  This is a must for me in the summer.  I introduced Ella and she agreed.  

Outside fun in the sprinkler!

Ella was a flower girl in our friends, Blake and Haley's wedding a few weeks ago.  Prettiest flower girl I've ever seen!
Helping mommy pack for our travels!  

This was a first for Ava and she thought she was such a big girl!

It is such a help when your child can pull their own suitcase!  haha

 Visiting Nashville.
What's a cow girl without her horse?  We stumbled upon this really cool Agricultural Center and they had a ton of horses and this one walked right up to us!  The girls loved it!!
Can you find Ella?  Yes our playroom was this messy.  It is clean, for now.
  I just love this picture.  So much sweetness.

Be blessed!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The First Wednesday in May

Are you familiar with Senior day at Kroger?  It is the first Wednesday of every month and the senior citizens get discounts at Kroger.  They come by the busloads (literally).  When we moved to Louisville (2 years ago this month) I went to Kroger for the first time and it happened to be the first Wednesday of the month (which coincidentally was also May).  I was excited about a big nice grocery store with lots of options!  I had my list, I had my baby and off I went.  I was not prepared.  At all.  There were more people than I had ever seen in a grocery store in my life!  I loved that each and every elderly person we passed wanted to admire my little girl ( and tell me to enjoy this age).  I couldn't blame them.  She's precious.  But after the first...say....ten admirers I realized this grocery trip was turning into a marathon. Add in not knowing where anything was in the store and a ten month old and TWO HOURS (not kidding) later we left Kroger.  I was defeated.

Typically I do my shopping on Monday but because the lovely stomach bug hit our house this weekend, it got pushed back to today.  Imagine my reaction when walking up to the doors of Kroger, two kids in tow, I realized what day it was.  I put the girls in the cart, said a quick prayer and went for it head on!  Honestly it was not as bad as I had anticipated.  Maybe because it was lunchtime. Maybe because of my prayer.  Maybe I have grown in two years and can handle more (probably not).  We made it through in WAY less than two hours! And other than Ava melting down after she took her last bite of cookie there were no major setbacks.  There were still several admirers and we enjoyed them all.  I have a better outlook on the first Wednesday of the month now!

Oh...and they were giving out samples of Derby Pie, which had to make things better!

Monday, April 16, 2012

One Year Old!

We celebrated Ava's first birthday this weekend. I still am in awe that this year went by as fast as it did. Her actual birthday was on Easter Sunday so we decided to have her party the weekend after.   We had such a fun time celebrating with family and friends. I looked at everyone who was there and realized how each person/couple there had been there in some way for us the past year.  Most everyone had made a meal for us when Ava was born or baby sat our girls so we could get away for dinner of coffee.  Their love for our family and especially our girls overwhelmed me.  It made me so thankful for the friendships that we have made and how God places people in our lives, whether for just a season or for many many years.

Ava loved all the attention and was so much fun to watch.  She is much more expressive than Ella was at this age.  She is such a joy and we are blessed to be her parents!  Here are some pictures from the party and a picture of her the day she was born. We love you Ava!